Diploma in Civil Engineering

The students who have passed Diploma in Civil Engineering will acquire knowledge and skill for working as sub engineers in road & building, irrigation development, surveying drawing, industry/business construction, and drafting, estimation of construction and maintenance work as well as small project design.

The Diploma holder students will be expected to get job opportunity in different fields such as ministries for Local Development, Labour & Transport Management, Physical Planning & Works, Water resources, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Drinking Water Corporation, NCCN, private construction, engineering consultancy firm etc. They are likely to get job opportunity in foreign employment and technical institutions as well.

Development and progress in various parts of the world has led to an increased demand for high-end and smart infrastructure. This has led to several breakthroughs and technological advancements in the field of Civil Engineering, creating various opportunities for excellence.

The Dept. of Civil Engineering at KCTS equips students with the technology involved in design and construction of public infrastruction such as highway, multi- storeyed buildings, concrete bridges, elevated expressways, etc. The laboratories are equipped with the latest machinery and instruments used currently by the industry. The Faculty consists of well-qualified and experienced staff members some of whom have a Engineering background.

Some Areas of Study

  • Design of different Structures
  • Design of Bridges
  • Prestressed Concrete Structures
  • Steel Structures
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • Environmental Engineering

Course Syllabus

First Semester

1 EG 1101 SH Communication Nepali
2 EG 1102 SH Communication English

3 EG 1211 CT Computer Application
4 EG 1103 SH Engineering Mathematics I
5 EG 1104 SH Engineering Physics I
6 EG 1105 SH Engineering Chemistry I
7 EG 1101 AR Engineering Drawing I


Second Semester

1 EG 1201 SH Engineering Mathematics II
2 EG 1202 SH Engineering Physics II
3 EG 1203 SH Engineering Chemistry II
4 EG 1201 CE Workshop Practice II
5 EG 1201 AR Engineering Drawing II
6 EG 2102 CE Applied Mechanics

Third Semester

1 EG 2104 SH Engineering Mathematics III
2 EG 2101CE Surveying I
3 EG 2102 CE Applied Mechanics
4 EG 2103 CE Basic Hydraulics
5 EG 2104 CE Building Construction
6 EG 2105 CE Construction Drawing
7 EG 2106 CE Computer Aided Drafting

Forth Semester

1 EG 2206 SH Social Studies
2 EG 2201 MG Management
3 EG 2201 CE Surveying II
4 EG 2202 CE Estimating and Costing I
5 EG 2203 CE Mechanics of Structure
6 EG 2204 CE Soil Mechanics
7 EG 2205 CE Water Supply Engineering

Fifth Semester

1 EG 3101 CE Surveying III
2 EG 3102 CE Estimating and Costing II
3 EG 3103 CE Structural Design and Drawing
4 EG 3104 CE Highway Engineering I
5 EG 3105 CE Sanitary Engineering
6 EG 3106 CE Construction Management
7 EG 3107 CE Minor Project (Survey Camp)

Six Semester

1 EG 3201 MG Entrepreneurship Development
2 EG 3202 CE Highway Engineering II
3 EG 3203 CE Estimating and Costing III
4 EG 3204 CE Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
5 EG 3205 CE Major Project
6 EG 3206 CE Elective (One of the followings)
A: Trail Bridge
B: Hill Road
C: Hill Irrigation Engineering
D: Gravity Flow Water Supply System
E: Rural/Agriculture Road