Mission, Vision & Objectives

Academic Programs of Kantipur College of Technical Science align itself to achieve the overall of the college. The Mission statement of the Kantipur College of Technical Science is as follow : ” Kantipur College of Technical Science provides innovative and responsive academic programs, specializing in science and engineering education to serve the society by preparing technical and managerial leaders, contributing to the national development and competent to work in international fronts as well as”.


  • To obtain excellence in responding, through engineering academic programs and research, to the national development process of Nepal;
  • To create an academic niche in South Asia by recasting its international contacts and supports so as to provide an enhanced forum for research, study and exchange of information and technology on issues of national importance and of regional and international interest;
  • To consistently and distinctly stay ahead through program innovation and quality education;
  • To perform various research and development works so as to strengthen national engineering capabilities and development problems;
  • To offer various types of training, sponsored courses, problem based research and providing engineering consultancy services.